Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I Learned Today

And by today, I mean from the time I woke up on 8/20 until now, at 3 am.

1) You all are awesome. I posted this tweet at around 7pm:

And at least 45 people RT'd it - most of whom I didn't even know. It's estimated that, at this time, that tweet has reached over 20,000 people. (Thank God I didn't make a typo!)

Also, there are over 54 of you who saw that RT'd more than seven times. I'm sorry.

(BTW: The reason I'm asking is I haven't been able to find a writers group within reasonable driving distance from me and the bookstore here just closed and I really yearn for face-to-face contact with other bookish people. Also, the reason I clarified about pursuing publication is due to a problem unique to Florida: most of the "writers" I meet here are elderly people looking to write their memoirs for their family to read. Which is fine and dandy, except it doesn't quite fill my needs.)

ALSO, yesterday (now, remember, by concept of "days" is slippery at best), several of my Twitter friends helped me figure out what country my MMC is from. And it's so perfect it's like my subconscious knew what country he was from all along and I just needed Judah to name it for me.

2) Out of the over 20k people who saw that tweet, none of them are or know writers who live in the mid to upper Florida Keys. I did find one person who is occasionally in Islamorada for vacation and another who has a 2nd house in Key West.

3) Nobody north of Miami has any clue about the geography of the Florida Keys. And that's OK. In fact, I don't really know why I expected them to.

But here's a quick crash course. I live in Key Largo. Do you see how far north that is? It's about 100 miles north of Key West (remember: at an average speed limit of 40). So, Miami is about half the drive as it is to Key West. Anything south of Tavernier really isn't close enough for me to drive with any sort of regularity.

4) Judy Blume lives in Key West. (Along with Meg Cabot, who I already knew about.) I would SO drive the 100 miles for that.

5) How to make a disposable razor last much longer:

6) My YA Rebels vlog-mate Leah Clifford and former YA Rebel Scott Tracey live together. I seriously don't know how I missed this, but ... anyway... stop judging me and go watch the video of what it's like to live with another YA author.

7) My YAtopia blogmates are AWESOME! Even if you ignore the fact that the posts at YAtopia are just getting better and better AND that we've hosted a ridiculous amount of agent-judged contests, here's something else: Two of them are sending me an ARC of two awesome books! It's no secret that I'm having a rough time financially, and one of the things I miss most is not being able to buy new books, so this just made my day. :-)

8) My dog is apparently perfectly comfortable sleeping like this:

OK, so I didn't JUST learn this, but I just took this picture like 15 seconds ago and I needed a reason to share it.

9) Carolina Valdez Miller is missing out on her calling as an actress. Seriously, check out the best book review I have EVER seen here.

10) My webhosting company has figure out what is wrong with my server. But they haven't fixed it yet. Which means I'm here on blogger for at least another day.

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  1. Awww. I'm sorry you couldn't find any other writers, but it is amazing to see how far one tweet will go. :) Best of luck.