Thursday, August 4, 2011

Am I a YA Rebel? I could be!

About a year ago one of my first twitter-writer-friends, ChristaCarol (you really should go visit her website to find out how you can donate blood to help her 2.5-year-old daughter who was recently diagnosed with leukemia), tweeted about the YA Rebels - and I've been watching their vlogs ever since. They are 7 YA authors who video blog about YA lit and other related & awesome things.

And now, my sister and I have a chance to join them! Leah posted this video on Tuesday, explaining that some of the Rebels are moving on and they are looking for new cohorts! Naturally - since K is a compulsive video blogger & a YA book reviewer and I'm a YA writer & love to talk about books - we jumped at the chance to audition as a sister/sister team. (I, of course, made sure this was OK with my YAtopian peeps and they're pretty much the most supportive people on the planet so they're cheering me on.)

Check out our audition video below: (and here's the YT link because I know the embedded videos don't translate to Google Reader sometimes)

The time has come for blatant, shameless self-promotion. You see, our competition is fierce. We're competing against charming accents, adorable people, hilarious senses of humor and unparalleled talents. So if you like our audition video? "Like" it. Favorite it. Comment. Tweet it. Share with your facebook friends. Email it to all of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins. Do whatever it takes to help us win this thing so we can continue to entertain you.

And just in case my sister's incredible directing/producing/editing skills have you convinced this vlog was effortless to make? Check out the hilarious out-takes:

Also, mosquitoes were biting me the WHOLE time. That's what they call dedication, folks.

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