Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two For Tuesday: Project Wonderful &

It's time for another Two for Tuesday!

1) Kellie, one of our reviewers at Sift, told me about Project Wonderful and we've been using it at Sift for ads on our site. What is it? A much more personal version of web advertising where you can choose which ads appear on your site AND which sites your ads appear on. The cost of the ad changes based on how much people are willing to pay for it. What does this mean for you?

YOU can now advertise on Sift for pennies (or a penny) a day! Check out the ads in the sidebar at Sift for more info. This would be a perfect opportunity for you if you offer services helpful to a self-pubbed author like editing, cover design, web design, etc!

2) My former roommates and I are currently loving The Glee Project. If you have the Oxygen channel and you like Glee, you should totally watch it. There's a lot of TV news chatter on why this show isn't drawing such a big audience even though it's a good show so I wanted to share it with you - especially now that the contestant I couldn't stand is gone!

(BTW, it's not getting a big audience, oh TV geniuses, because (1) it's on the Oxygen channel! wrong demographic, people! and (2) it wasn't that well advertised. I only knew about it because my sister started DVRing it and my roommate only knew about it because I told her.)

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