Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey, by the way: You're Awesome


You know how it feels when someone says, "Hey, by the way: you're awesome" and truly means it?

You know how it seems like people are doing less and less of that these days?

Sure, you may get recognized if you get a book deal or write a really awesome blog post, but what about the little things you do every day? Those are worth some recognition too.

Well I'm going to try to work my way back to recognizing the small things. And I'm starting with a new little project I call "Twitter Awesome Person of the Day." Or #awesometwit for short. Or something like that. *name is subject to change. I don't know how many times I've told you I'm terrible at naming things.

Every day (starting today) that I'm on Twitter, I'm going to try to recognize someone who was particularly cool that day.

And some of y'all may know that (due to my rotating work schedule) my concept of "day" is a little wonky. So by "day" I mean the time in between when I woke up and went to sleep, whenever that may be.

This should be fun! Feel free to join me! :)


  1. Awwwwww! YOU'RE awesome. Great idea.

  2. 4/20/11: My first ever #awesometwit is @Jen_Conroy, who translated @Leigh_Fallon's Irish slang when she saw my confusion :-)

    4/21/11: Today's #awesometwit is @TheGreatAskini. Thanks for hooking @siftbookreviews up with @Miss_Tammy!

  3. 4/24/11: Today's #awesometwit is @literaticat! Thanks for hosting an #askagent tonight!

  4. 6/10/11 Haven't done #awesometwit in a while. Thanks to @inluvwithbookz for encouraging me during this hell they call querying.

  5. Sarah - thank you SO very much! I always say, I'm only as awesome as the people around me - and darling, YOU are absolutely AWESOME! :) Thank you for the shout out! *hugs* good luck in ALL your endeavors! :D

  6. 6/14/11 Today's #awesometwit is @leigh_fallon. Because she knows who Chakotay is (without reference!). :-)