Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two For Tuesday

Two for Tuesday is something a few of my blogging friends do where you pretty much can post two things - whatever you want, they don't have to be related. Unfortunately, I can't follow rules, so you're going to get four things :-)

1) In honor of my ocean-based NaNoWriMo novel, you should check out this AWESOME octopus. I want one!

2) The Gutters is a web comic done by the same guys as Least I Could Do (my favorite!) and Looking For Group. They basically make fun of the comic book industry in a fun, loving way. Issue #54 deals with a topic I've often wondered about myself: How does Professor X never draw the attention of cyber cops?

3) Here's an great quote from Elizabeth Aston, for all my fellow WriMos out there:

"It is all very well, when the pen flows, but then there are the dark days when imagination deserts one, and it is an effort to put anything down on paper. That little you have achieved stares at you at the end of the day, and you know the next morning you will have to scrape it down and start again."

4) I started rebuilding my blog roll when I changed websites, but it kinda fell to the back burner. If you want to be on the blog roll, please leave a note in the comments and I'll link to you!


  1. I really think it is a blog-to-blog thing, because this time I clicked through from Twitter and your text is appearing black on a beige/tan/gray ish background.

    And... oOo ME ME ME! :D

    And... just because... you rock.