Friday, October 1, 2010

A clarification: I Love Meat

After some of the responses to my announcement, I feel like I need to clarify. I don't really have honorable intentions in becoming a vegetarian - it's just an experiment for me.

For those who haven't been around for the past 11 months, I'm near the end of a personal experience I call the Year of Months. Every month, I try a different challenge:

  • November 2009: National Novel Writing Month. I wrote 50,000 words on a novel in a month

  • December 2009: National Blog Posting Month. I wrote a blog post every day for a month

  • January 2010: Non-Fiction Reading Month. I read an hour of non-fiction every day

  • February 2010: Walk Month. I took a 30+ minute walk every day

  • March 2010: Bike Month. I rode my bike to any place within 7 miles instead of driving. (well, kinda...)

  • April 2010: Photo Month. I took at least one picture every day

  • May 2010: Post Card Month. I wrote one post card to someone every day

  • June 2010: Recipe Month. I tried a new recipe every day.

  • July 2010: Work Out Before Work Month

  • August 2010: Revision Month. I spent an hour every day working on my novel.

  • September 2010: Craft Month. I (tried to) work on a craft every day.

So, as you can see, Vegetarian Month is just another challenge for me. Some of y'all think too highly of me, I think. Have no doubt, I will be eating a cheeseburger on November 1st. :-)

I'm just trying to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and expand my horizons - but only for a month.

I love meat.


  1. Good to hear. Meat is good. ;-). Have fun.

  2. That's actually quite inspiring. Not the vegetarian thing; the "months" challenge. I should be so disciplined. *smiles*

  3. I think you'll be fine with the veggies... I did it for six months... one month is nothing.

    Morningstar Farms veggie burgers will satisfy your burger craving, btw. They're pretty good.

    I have total faith that this will be your most successful month of the year.