Thursday, September 23, 2010

Social Media for Social Good

The word around the internet is it’s Social Media for Social Good day today! Anyone who’s read this blog or followed me on Twitter for any amount of time knows I’m pretty big on volunteering and doing what I can to help others (especially those willing to help themselves). So I’m going to list a few ways you can help some organizations that are doing some pretty awesome things right now (or trying, with your help).

Spend time: RAINN

You’ve probably heard of the Pepsi Refresh project, right? Pepsi is giving out boatloads of money to different projects in varying amounts – but the receiving projects are based on consumer votes. You can vote for ten different projects every day in three different ways.

I would like to suggest (implore? beg?) that you go here and vote to help the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) expand their online hotline to help even more people affected by sexual abuse, including Spanish-speaking victims. You can also vote for them by texting “102552” to 73774.

It’s estimated (a heartbreaking number of sexual crimes are never reported) that 1 in 6 women will be assaulted in their lifetime.

Think of all the women you care about. Divide by 6…. Then go vote.

Spend money: National Psoriasis Foundation

Check out my original post on my old blog for more info, but I’ll just summarize: I suffer from Psoriasis, a genetic immune disease that can be debilitating – both socially and physically. I’m doing a walk on November 6th to raise awareness and funds for research; you can donate here.

Also, if you live in or near Tampa, you can join my team for the walk!

Do what you’re doing now: 1000s of Charities

Goodsearch and Goodshop are two of the easiest ways to give to just about any cause you care about. The search is powered by Yahoo.

If you’re a writer and anything like most of us, you do A LOT of research on the internet. For every search you conduct, an estimated $0.01 will be donated to the charity of your choice – thanks to the advertisers on the site.

Also, you can give a lot more money to the charity of your choice by using Goodshop. You just have to click to the store’s website through the GS website OR…

Install the toolbar! I highly recommend this option because you really don’t have to think about it after the initial install. It automatically tracks your purchases for Goodshop (meaning you don’t have to go to Goodshop first) AND has a built-in search function.

If you’re looking for a charity to support through GS, may I recommend the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation? All money raised through GS goes to support scholarships for young women in engineering/technology fields.

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