Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: (Fictional) Friends Forever

As y’all probably know by now, the ladies over at YA Highway do a thing called Road Trip Wednesday, which is a blog carnival of sorts. (For some reason, I’m really bad at explaining things today… should make for an interesting post. Just go check out their blog; it’s better there.)

Today’s topic: If you went to high school with your characters, would you be friends?

First, I’m going to say that I’m answering this based on who my characters are at the beginning, not necessarily at the end.


I’m starting with him, because he’s the one I’m most confused about when I think of my characters like this. I recently announced on Twitter that I’m kinda sorta in love with him. But would we be friends? If I’m being honest, I’d probably have to say no.

He’s awesome, that’s for sure… but he’s only awesome once you make him get rid of all that holier-than-thou and I-don’t-feel-anything crap. I don’t think I’d have the patience for it and I know Miranda doesn’t – but lucky for all of us, she really doesn’t have much of a choice.


Hell yes, we would be friends. Yeah, she’s got a temper and she’s competitive, but I can live with that. She’s smart, with a sarcastic sense of humor and she’s really not concerned with being popular.


I think Tammy would be one of those friends who I don’t hang out with all the time, but maybe we sit at the same lunch table and next to each other in a class or two. She keeps her emotions (all of them) just a little too close to the surface for me.

And she’s messy.


James and I would totally be friends. He’s preppy, but not too obnoxious. Smart, good looking, destined to be a doctor… what’s not to like? We’d probably bond over our dislike of Gadriel.

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  1. Ahh, we need our fiesty main characters to whip all the holier-than-thou out of our love interests, and ~THEN~ we can swoop in and take 'em. :D Hee! Great post, Sarah!

  2. Didn't know about it until just now. It certainly sounds interesting, though. One of my favorite writing exercises is what I call the Campfire: you sit your characters, sometimes randomly, sometimes not, around a campfire and have them tell each other stories. It's interesting to see what kind of stories they'll tell (and what kind of personal details they'll slip in under the cover of storytelling).

  3. It's such fun pondering this question, and then getting to learn about everyone else's characters. James sounds like my kind of guy... Future doctor? Yes, please!