Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's Play Tag!

Alright, usually I don't do these types of things but I'm laid up with a sprained back so... why not? My friend & crit partner Erica tagged me in this blog tag thing where you post ten things that you like (not love) and pass it on to ten people. The "taggees" are listed below. So, without further ado, I give you:

Ten Things I Like

  1. Purple. I don't love it like I do blue, but I like it a lot.

  2. Like Erica, I also enjoy office supplies. I can spend hours at Office Depot.

  3. Burping. Sorry, but I do. You know that uncomfortable feeling when you've drank too much diet coke and then you let out a massive burp? Awesome. (Yeah, I'm crude. Can't pretend I'm not.)

  4. Lavender pillow spray

  5. really good fight scenes in movies/tv

  6. Gator touchdowns

  7. Disaronno on the rocks

  8. rooms with a history

  9. puppy cuddles

  10. Beluga whales

As for the "taggees," I'm not sure who would want to do this, so consider these 'suggestions' :-)

If you were tagged (or even if you weren't) and you participate, post your link in the comments!


  1. teehee burping. Awesome :D And office supplies are the best :)

  2. I couldn't include lavender pillow spray on mine. :-( I love it. :-)

    Enjoyed reading your list though. Thanks for tagging me and indirectly getting me back to my blog after my hiatus. I was just thinking I needed a swift kick to the blogging butt.

  3. Great little like list...and now I have a blog topic for today! YAY!

    Were you drinking Disaronno at conference?

    Hope your back feels better soon.

  4. I like 5 and 8. Just not together. A fight in a room with a history would suck. Unless you're recreating history. I like your new blog. Nice job.

  5. Haha, Erica! I'm glad you liked number 3.

    Meg: Glad I could help :-)

    Constance: Yep! that's what I was drinking!

    Thanks Jared!

  6. Uh, I was curious, do you desire your website to be typed out with a www or not? I want to link back to your domain, but I do not know how to write it.

  7. With a www :-)